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There are no Coincidences, Everything in this world happens for a reason

If you have reached this page, then it is not by accident, And you have enough reasons to be here.

Feel free to call and get the answers you need on how coaching may work for you and if it is the right intervention for you.

How Coaching works...

  • Get Unconditional Support
  • Grounded and Steady Pace
  • Periodic Coaching Sessions to keep the flow
  • Easily Approachable 
  • Book sessions online as per your availability
  • Choose Clear Outcomes of Coaching engagement
  • Work for 3 Months to 1 Year
  • Get 14 Standard Sessions + 14 Coffe Cup Sessions
  • Plan Sessions in Advance
  • Reach anytime at your convenience
  • You decide the frequency of sessions
  • Connect through SKYPE/ Duo/ Hangout/ Whatsapp
  • Easy Sign Up
  • Flexible Payment Plan
  • Sign Out when you wish (Minimum 3 Sessions Compulsory)
Limited Slots

Connect with me to Write the script of your Life and Dig Your Gold!

If you stay long enough with me, I will Brainwash you into Believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything!

For more about me, Visit my Linkedin Profile, I am very active on Linkedin and have  24000 Followers who keep me on toes.

Explore what can be Awesome

What we may achieve

When you are ready to Grow and Reach your Optimum Potential.
When you are successful and want to have more of it!
When you have tried everything else and feel stuck in getting what you want.

As a Life Coach, my role is not to tell you or teach you; My role is to make you be aware and see possibilities which you never thought existed.
My promise is to provide you a safe space, where you are supported, not judged, not forced or lead to a conclusion and promised confidentiality.
Some of the areas I work with my clients are
  • Goal Setting
  • Failure & getting back on track
  • Project Planning & execution
  • Focus, Clarity & Decluttering
  • Enhance Productivity & Performance
  • Being Assertive
  • Values and Belief Alignment
  • Job Search & Career Transition
  • Turn Midlife crisis into Mid-life opportunity
  • Finding their Purpose of Life
  • Making Relationships work or evolve
and many more....
You are Unique and so are your challenges.

Connect with me to explore more and beyond.

Geet Batra

Ardent Follower of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and certified on his methodology too.
My career in sales, marketing, Advertising, Entrepreneurship and then in HR as Senior recruitment professional with many Multinationals, I finally found what makes me feel fulfilled.

Being a Coach helped me touch so many lives; Coached 50+ People in last Year; Been instrumental in lives of 40+ professionals choosing to be a Certified Coaches.

If I ever am forced to go back in past and change anything about my decision to be a coach; I would only change the timing to an earlier date than I did.

Coaching helps to build Bridges where no one ever imagined or even had the courage to build one. I had not only built my bridge but I am walking on it too.

More lives to Touch, More transformations to begin and most importantly, I get to be the best of me than who I was or who I am; And that's what the Power of coaching is.

Some of the ways we can work together...
During Sessions
As a Life Coach, I enable People to attain
  • Focus and Clarity by Decluttering
  • Win when challenged in Professional/ Personal life.
  • Empowerment during Mid-Life Crisis to prosper
  • Purpose of Life
  • Winning Relationships
  • Values and Belief Alignment
  • Job Search & Career Transition
  • A Win over Failures
  • Planning & execution of Long/Short term goals

Long Term Engagement

This is a perfect way to get Life back on Track and be more aware.
An Engagement will be a mix of Standard sessions and Coffee Cup conversations.
It may serve you to explore how Coaching may help you to seek what you want/ need.
Here you would get to experience the transformation and understand better on how coaching may work for you.
Opt for Yearly engagement or specific to your requirement

Work together for a Year

Coaching can act as a Magic Wand, But Hurry also takes time! It can not be used as an instant fix. There are no shortcuts to Success
It will require Willingness, Trust, Courage, Humility and Discipline.
We will walk all through the year until you get what you want.
Highly recommended to get measurable results and most cost effective
A bi-weekly connect through out the year will ensure achieving what you want; leaving no scope of sliding back.

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